3 Ways to Find Caravan Parks for Sale

Where do you start when you are interested in looking for a Caravan Park to purchase? While you may think there is perhaps only one. If you are creative you can explore a few more ways that could help you land a Caravan Park business.


This is probably the obvious option. Brokers have the knowledge of the industry, know the Caravan Parks in the area and are experienced in handling the process for you. There are a number of brokers located around Australia to help you find Caravan Parks for sale.

Try to find a broker that you feel you can trust. While they may seem like they have your best interests, they are also trying to help out the seller. An advantage with using brokers is that they may also have knowledge of offline Caravan Parks on offer. Operators sometimes prefer not to be too public with their interest in selling.


With new websites being created everyday there is an abundant of website resources to help you find a Caravan Park business for sale. Many hospitality brokers have websites that also feature Caravan Park businesses or specialise in Caravan Parks. These websites are a good starting point as you will get a feel for what is available and the price range of leasehold and freehold options.

Direct Contact

While it’s easy to review Caravan Parks that are openly ready to sell, these parks have been seen by many people and if there is a lot of interest the price tag could go high. Another option is to try to find a Caravan Park you are interested in and see if the owners are willing to sell.

Sometimes Caravan Park operators have been pondering the idea of selling up but have not yet made the step to place the park on the market. You could get lucky and be able to conduct a quick, easy and affordable sale.

To get in touch with a Caravan Park operator you can be through mail. This is not too intrusive and you may get lucky and get a response. Or the more proactive method is to get the owner on the phone. At least then you are able to get a feel if the owners would ever consider the idea.

Using these 3 methods will give you a great start in your search for a Caravan Park for sale.


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