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4 Varieties of Caravan Park Businesses for Sale That You May Not be Aware of

When reviewing Caravan Park businesses for sale you will need to consider what sort of Caravan Park it is and what the aspects that need to be considered are. There are a number of different type of Caravan Park with each type having their own pro’s and con’s.

Here are 4 different type of Caravan Parks for sale that you may encounter

Overnight Caravan Park

These are Caravan Parks that are located mainly on major highways and serve a purpose of an overnight break on a long journey. Motels located on highways serve a similar purpose. The guests will want to pull over, hook up, eat, and then go to have a good night’s rest. Your job is to make this process as smooth as possible. Having a pool for kids might be a good idea but no need to overload your park with facilities as the guests will only stay one night.

The most important aspect of these Caravan Parks is the location, making sure they are near the highway and have good signage to be able to attract the passing traffic.

Destination Caravan Parks

When looking at Caravan Park businesses for sale you may come across Destination Caravan Parks. These parks may be located near a major attraction however due to popularity the park becomes a destination in itself. These Caravan Parks offer a lot of different entertainment such as Splash parks, Pools, Waterslides, Jumping Pillow and other family oriented activities.

Franchise Caravan Parks

Franchise parks are either owned by private individuals or companies but are part of a franchise network. A good example of this is Big4 in Australia which have 180 parks across the country. When considering these parks as an investment make sure that you understand the franchise fees that apply. It may be a flat yearly fee and a percentage of gross profit. When reviewing the fees, also get a good understanding of what sort of advertising is provided as apart of franchise agreement.

Extended Stay Caravan Parks

There are also Caravan Park businesses for sale that are extended stay Caravan Parks. The guests at these parks stay for over a month or even permanently. Even some mobile home parks will allow Caravan Park owners to rent a space at their park. When considering an extended stay park just make sure the zoning is correct. While they may be many permanent tenant you don’t want to be in trouble if the previous owner did not get the correct licenses.

This is a brief list of some of the types of Caravan Park Businesses for Sale across Australia. Please speak to a qualified broker at to learn more about each business.

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