Improving Curbside Appeal, Caravan Parks for Sale New South Wales

We have assisted many buyers invest in Caravan Parks for sale in New South Wales. It can be daunting when you take over a Caravan Park business and we want to make sure the new owners have the best chance of success.

Once you do take the reins of the business it’s important to learn as much as you can from the outgoing managers; the good, the bad and the ugly. Difficult areas of the business is important to discuss and see if there have been any attempts to improve and what challenges the owner have encountered. There are areas you can sink your teeth into straight away and one aspect which is a great starting point is “Curb side appeal”.

Many tourists or Grey Nomads on the road will choose your Caravan Park based on the look from the roadside. The first impression can make a big difference and you should make sure you don’t lose potential customers due to an unattractive appearance.

  • When you pull up to a Caravan Park you should see a nice sign and entrance. Planting trees, flowers and bushes can make a big difference.
  • Keeping the Caravan Park clean and well maintained. Guests do not appreciate entering a park lot that has rubbish from a previous guest. Make sure you spot check the lot after a guest leaves to make sure it’s spotless.
  • Generally people don’t look forward to using shared amenities so it’s really important to make sure these areas are modern and clean.
  • The Caravan Park’s internal roads should be nice and wide for large vehicles and free of potholes. Fill potholes as soon as possible and if necessary consider re-taring the roads.
  • Pool furniture should not be faded or broken due to sun damage. In Australia Bunnings is loaded with affordable pool furniture and it’s easy to replace worn out furniture items.

When considering to invest in a Caravan Park for sale New South Wales it’s hard to know where to start when taking over the business. Curb side appeal is a really good area to concentrate on first. This will make sure you pull in all potential customers that may be passing by and make sure that you give the current customers a memorable experience so they come back and tell their friends and family.

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