Caravan Parks for Sale New South Wales, Benefits of a Freehold

When considering a Caravan Park for Sale New South Wales, a potential investor needs to think about the financial risks and rewards of a Freehold versus a Leasehold Caravan Park for Sale. A Freehold Going Concern is where the Caravan Park business and the land is owned by the same party. A Leasehold is where […]

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3 Mistakes New Owners Make When Buying a Caravan for Sale

It’s difficult being a first time Caravan Park owner and operator. There are many new aspects to learn and get familiar with before you running the business smoothly and professionally. Here are some key mistakes that new owners tend to make in their first year of operations. If we can share with you these points, […]

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3 Ways to Find Caravan Parks for Sale

Where do you start when you are interested in looking for a Caravan Park to purchase? While you may think there is perhaps only one. If you are creative you can explore a few more ways that could help you land a Caravan Park business. Brokers This is probably the obvious option. Brokers have the […]

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How to Buy a Caravan Park

4 Important Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Caravan Park

4 important aspects to consider before buying a Caravan Park Operating a caravan park is ideal for those people who love to camp and enjoy Caravan Park holidays. It is one of the businesses wherein you can make a lot of money while still having fun. As a caravan park owner, there are things that […]

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