Sell My Caravan Park Australia

Caravan Park for Sale – Things to Look Out For

In the consideration of a Caravan Park business, most investors would rather purchase an existing park than to put up a new one. Depending on your strength or personal capabilities, making such a significant decision should be carefully analyzed. If property developing is your personal passion and interest, or if you are into the field […]

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Investment Aspects of Buying a Caravan Park

Investing in a Caravan Park is high-yielding and it can be a prosperous income for the family. It usually yields a return on investment of 10% to 20%, which is considered as among the highest yielding investments in the real estate industry. If you plan to gain more profit for your money, investing on a […]

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Owning a Caravan Park

The Lifestyle Aspect of Caravan Park Ownership

Do you enjoy talking and interacting with people? Do you enjoy outdoor activities with family or friends? Do you want to run your own business? If these are not your preferences, opting to buy or invest in a Caravan Park is not right for you. If these are your way of life, you may go […]

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Buying a Caravan Park Business

Buying a caravan park business is not something that a person enters without studying the different options and the advantage and disadvantages for each. Here are a few important things to consider when going into this line of business. Caravan Park Leasehold vs Caravan Park Freehold Going Concern A Leasehold for a caravan park involves […]

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