Caravan Parks for Sale

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Caravan Parks for Sale

There are over 3,500 operating Caravan Parks around Australia. Many are set along Australia’s beautiful beach coastline. This is a perfect combination of sun, sand and fun for the whole family. There are also plenty of Caravan Parks inland where the Parks will have great swimming pools and entertainment.

Good for Health

If you have ever thought about looking at Caravan Parks for Sale then you are joining a fast growing exciting industry.  A recent study showed that 85% of the Australia population has had a Caravan Park experience in their lifetime. The study showed that camping is great for emotional wellbeing. It found that campers are more optimistic, energized and that families that go camping feel closer to each other than non-campers.  If an era where internet and mobile phones are bringing us apart, camping can help bring us back together.

Caravan Park Customers

The Caravan Park industry is growing faster than anyone expected with 5-10% year on year growth. Families are more and more considering a Caravan Park holiday as it’s an affordable option where the kids can enjoy the wide open spaces.

The general demographic of Caravan Park customers across Australia are 50% families between the ages of 30-54. 43% of Caravan owners cited that they had the desire to make 5-10 trips per year, which means for a Caravan Park owner its repeat business which is the best type of business to have.

Types of Caravan Parks for sale

There are many Caravan Parks for sale across Australia however you need to consider what type of Caravan Park you want to invest in. Is it an overnight park where people are on a larger journey? Or is it a destination park where people are keen to stay a longer period of time? Do you want to purchase the business or do you want to invest in both the business and the land and building assets?

Generally speaking beginners to the industry purchase the business and pay the owner (landlord) rent for using the asset. However you may want to have complete control. There are aspects that you can discuss with your Caravan Park Broker.

With costs of all goods and services going up. Caravanning is a growing in popularity because it’s an affordable family holiday option. Allowing you to see the beautiful Australian landscape while being great for your family’s general happiness and emotional well-being.


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